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Secure Prescriptions Starting with BLANK Paper

DocuShield is the only company to offer a THERMAL, on-demand secure prescription print solution using BLANK media. Our solution is compact and enables you to print secure (CMS Compliant) prescriptions WITHOUT special paper or special software. Being that it’s THERMAL, you also eliminate the need for toner and inks. With THERMAL you are left with CLEAR and CONSISTENT print every time.

  • No more managing costly pre-printed material.
  • No more locking printers or locking up paper.
  • No more replacing Ink or Toner and having to reprint or have scripts rejected.
  • No more having it be centralized because of its size or it has to be locked.

With the DocuShield solution you can print secure prescriptions whenever and wherever you need resulting in IMPROVED workflow, REDUCED RISK, and cost savings.

Ideal for: hospitals, clinics, medical offices, psychiatric wards, prisons, temporary medical facilities, disaster relief medical facilities.

How our DocuShield, Plain Paper, Secure Rx Works

  • Solution meets CMS Mandates and most State requirements for tamper proof Rx
  • Choose from a variety of secure features that IT administrators can manage remotely and change at will to deter fraud
  • Read more about the CMS Mandates.  Click HERE
  • Free your staff from unnecessary tasks or managing and safeguarding the prescriptions, allowing them to focus on the patient
  • Small footprint printers can be placed anywhere in the hospital for better workflow
  • Eliminate the costs of pre-printed Rx pads (roughly 20 cents/Rx)
  • Avoid potential litigation fees from Rx theft
  • No special printer locks, secure facility, software licensing fees
  • No worry if printer key is lost

Success Stories & Testimonials

“CognitiveTPG’s Docushield On-demand Secure Prescription Solution saved the hospital from extra costs associated with pre-printed RX pads and the headaches and potential risks of protecting the pre-printed media.”

“Working with CognitiveTPG/DocuShield has been a pleasure. They have provided
a solution to prescription printing that is easy to use and very secure.”

Karen Killinger-Humes
Director Information Systems, Chief Information Officer
Titusville Area Hospital

Download Case Study
Download Case Study

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